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Jurnee™ Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Instructor Kit (MAINIK-MEWP)


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Updated in 2020 to the new Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) standard. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs a.k.a. AWPs) are incredibly versatile machines. But they’re also among the most dangerous for workers, because of the risks of tip-overs and falls. The majority of manufacturers and operators have strict safety criteria for the operation of these machines.

Lesson 1 covers safety awareness. This lesson guides trainees to know safe work practices and procedures and to be able to spot dangers and hazards.

Lesson 2 reviews the Mobile Elevated Work Platform's controls and their functions, using the Genie Z-80/60 as an example.

Lesson 3 explains how to conduct a pre-use inspection. Mobile Elevated Work Platforms can hoist operators high enough that a fall would be fatal; it’s worth inspecting them carefully.

Lesson 4 reviews start up and shut down procedures including cold weather procedures.

Lesson 5 shows trainees how to uncover malfunctions before the machine is put into service. Trainees learn to select a suitable location, and to follow step-by-step procedures to test all machine functions located on both the ground and platform controls.

Lesson 6 outlines important details about machine operation. Here trainees learn the fundamentals which will guide them to make correct decisions in their work with the MEWP.
  • Start Your Jurnee™ Experience
  • See a Jurnee™ Kit in action (8 minutes)
  • Jurnee™ Alternate route - trainee self-study (5 minutes)
  • Download and Print Materials
  • How to download / print instructor and student materials (2 minutes)
  • Download the Instructor Materials (18 documents, 100's of pages)
  • Download the Student Materials (10 documents, ~100 pages)
  • VISTA Course Presentation - Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) v1.1.0H5
  • Introduction
  • Getting to Know Your Mobile Elevated Work Platform
  • Pre-use Inspection
  • Start Up and Shut Down
  • Function Testing
  • Machine Operation
  • Final Exam
  • Projectable Copies of Key Instructor Materials - For Group Instruction
  • Course Objectives
  • Discussion Guide
  • VISTA Course Presentation Program Map
  • Reconnect Topics
  • Final Exam
  • Final Operator Evaluation
  • Jurnee™ Instructor Kit Version History
  • Jurnee™ Instructor Kit Version History
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed