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Knuckleboom Crane - Operation & Safety v2.0.1H5 (SSKB)

Knuckleboom Crane - Operation & Safety is part of VISTA's growing family of Silver Series online training programs, 1-2 hours in length and delivered via the web. They are ideal for new operator training.

The purpose of this knuckle boom certification program is to introduce the trainee to the truck-mounted knuckle boom crane and how to operate it safely. The content of this program is focused upon the Hiab model 200C-3 which has a rated load capacity of 7000 kilograms (15,432 pounds), but the principles it covers can be applied to many makes of knuckleboom cranes.

This knuckle boom training program contains six lessons:

Lesson 1 - General safety: This lesson covers general safety, including how to keep a logbook, maintenance requirements, "work area" controls, hazardous conditions to be aware of, and items to consider before making the final lift decision.

Lesson 2 - Components: This lesson highlights the main components of the Hiab 200C-3, which is typical of many knuckleboom cranes. At the end of the lesson, trainees will be able to identify the structure, the base, the outrigger legs and extensions, boom sections, the basic hydraulic system, and the control valves and cylinders.

Lesson 3 - Pre-use inspection: This lesson explains machine control levers that are found on the crane. Trainees are also taught how to properly engage and set the PTO for crane operation. They'll be able to identify the location of the controls that operate both the crane functions and the outrigger extensions.

Lesson 4 - Lift preparation: This lesson details the pre-use inspection of the crane typically required by occupational safety and health agencies before operation is permitted.

Lesson 5 - Lifting loads: This lesson cover lift preparation, including lift communication, what a lift plan is, truck positioning, unfolding the crane, and load weight. Load charts are also explained using examples, which makes them easy to understand.

Lesson 6 - Lift follow-up: This lesson shows trainees the various steps to consider at each phase of a lift. Specific requirements are covered, as well as explanations of lifting accessories, the use of a spotter, tag lines, testing the lift and moving the load.

Trainers: Before you begin classroom or field training, why not provide your trainees with a solid foundation of knowledge about the equipment and how to operate it safety? This web-based training course can be delivered any time, anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Recommended Prerequisite(s): Heavy Equipment - Intro & Safety, Heavy Equipment - Pre-Use Inspection
Estimated Length of Training Program: 1 hour + final test
Number of Test Questions: 17
Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes, with person's name, date and test score
Incorrect Question Feedback report: Yes
Language: English
Narration: Yes

Immediate online delivery for one person - viewable for up to 60 days

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  • Introduction
  • General Safety
  • Components
  • Controls
  • Pre-use Inspection
  • Lift Preparation
  • Lifting Loads
  • Lift Follow Up
  • Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed